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New Blogs About Politics

I have added quite a few posts about politics on my blog today. You can read them all at

I will try to remain objective.


Started a Blog on Politics Today

In light of the current political climate, and my inability to keep my mouth shut about it, I have started a new blog about the emails I get from various political organizations.

While my focus for right now is to remain objective at the beginning and give my opinions when noted, this may change depending on my mood.

Please subscribe to my blog or just watch for it through the constant string of links I am sure to use to promote it.

Read it all here at

New about Chris Weber Page

I have just updated my about me page on my blog. It now contains links to more of my work.

Check out my new blog about making money blogging

It may not be everything you need to know,   but it is something.

How to Build a Portfolio

The internet has greatly reduced the amount of effort it takes to build a portfolio. All that is really necessary now is a profile on any social networking page. Linked in, Facebook, and My Space all have the capabilities of being used as an online profile.

Where Can I Write

Finding a place to write is easier than ever before. There are a staggering amount of online freelancing websites. I have added a few reviews on the resources page of this blog

Write for the Chicago Tribune

For writers in the suburbs surrounding Chicago, TribLocal will publish work pertaining to almost any local topic. You do not get paid from TribLocal, but you have the chance of appearing in print in the local insert for the Chicago Tribune. It is nice to be able to show prospective clients and employers work that has been edited by such a prestigious newspaper.

The most important thing is that you are writing. Even if you are not building a portfolio, writing is the only way to improve your writing skills

Why Should We Freelance

Hopefully, I don’t have to answer this question for most of you. You just want to write and that is all that’s important. For those writers who are discouraged and don’t think they can make a living writing, I have good news.

The internet is a giant content monster that must be fed. The only difficult part is figurng out how to feed it. I will be adding articles to explain this shortly.

Calling all Writers in the Chicago Area

Writer in Chicago is a place to meet and communicate with new and experienced writers in the Chicago area. Please feel free to comment and subscribe to this post.

I am just starting this website so there  is not a lot of traffic yet. Please let other writers know about this site. I would like it to be a place where new writers learn and share their experiences as well as recieve input from veterans. I will begin blogging about my experiences shortly. Links to helpful sites for writers will be added. Let me know what else we could put on this site. It would even be cool if this was a place where we could share jobs or try to help each other with ideas,

If anyone is interested in helping me in my endeavor, don’t hestate to offer.