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About Chris Weber

Chris Weber is a college student and freelance journalist. He is currently starting his career as a writer and is interested in many different avenues of writing. Chris Weber’s LinkedIn Profile.

Journalism and Content

Chris has been writing for the Triton College Newspaper for the last two semesters. One of the articles published in The 5th Avenue Journal is also on here on the Triblocal website. Chris has also written a feature article for Associated Content, view this article about Chris’ perspective of health care reform.  Chris has published several articles for Suite101.

Blogging and Marketing

Chris has started blogs about a few different topics. Online Marketing Facts and Guides is a blog that was started to offer tips and facts about marketing a small business. The content from this blog is strictly fed from Chris’s experience marketing small businesses.

Chris has also started a blog called New Games Guide 2010, a blog designed to promote his favorite video games. NGG2010 will contain reviews, release dates and strategy guides.  Chris enjoys writing  about online video game advice and strategy. Chris has previously published several popular articles about video game strategy.

New Games Guide 2010 on Facebook
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