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Resources For Freelance Writers

This is the place to find information gathered about writing jobs, techniques, and other great resources for writers.

The First Things First

If you don’t have a Facebook page sign up for one ASAP. Facebook is a great way to network. Look at these stats about Facebook.

Some sites I have been freelancing for:

Suite 101

Suite 101 has some really helpful tools. I have not made much money there yet, but this site is good if you have an idea for an article that may be useful for a long time, in example: How to market your small business. I have learned a great deal about how to write for an internet audience at this site.

Associated Content Brief Review

Associated Content is a pay per click web content site. They give some paying assingments to members. You can write a lot of different types of articles at this site.

I have only done a little writing on this site. It seems a lot more laid back than Suite 101, but articles do not appear as high on Google. Review

ODesk is a place for freelance writers, vigeographers, web designers, and more to meet up with clients. With this site you can contract work by the hour or by negotiating a fixed price with a “buyer”. A program can be downloaded for your boss to watch your activity.

 I have used this site and though it charges 10% of the money exchanging hands (terms are negotiable), it gaurantees employees with payment for satifactory work. A lot of content writing jobs and a few good creative writing jobs as well. This site  is a good idea for writers workng with long distance clients that they do not trust. I did not download the software because I am currently working with a client that I already had an arrangement with.

Let Us Know

If  you have anything to add to this list, or if you would like to be a part of this blog.

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